ERP Training Overview

Infocus Technologies Pvt Ltd is an IT & ITES company providing customized IT services and ERP consulting to clients worldwide. Infocus education a division of Infocus Technologies Pvt Ltd offers a series of ERP/SAP module-specific courses designed to quickly teach participants how to work with ERP/SAP during the blueprint and realization phases and build  a successfull career.

Hands-on exercises help participants increase their ability to navigate and complete transactions in ERP/SAP. These sessions will give you a better sense of how business processes will be mapped in ERP/SAP and give you the opportunity to contribute to the implementation blueprint.
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Advantages of our ERP courses

1.   Trainings are conducted by ERP Consultants who have a good implementation experience. 
2.   Flexible timings, evening, weekend classes, customizable training contents as per the industry
3.   Our faculties are member of the interview boards which helps guiding the students in terms of
      preparation of the interviews. 
4.   Implemented Project Blue-Print provided to the students for real-life ERP exposure. 
5.   We are not only in training we also provide support, implementation services to our ERP clients which 
      positions us to provide a good opportunity to our students to get real time experience. 
6.   State-of-the-art, sophisticated Air Conditioned LABS and in the heart of the city easily commutable. 
7.   Bank Loan Facility, Credit Card Accepted, Instalment Facility. 
                                               Education Loan available from -  
8.   Unlimited Lab Practice, Weekend plus Evening Classes, & Guest House facility.
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